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OSHA and MSHA Investigations


Penalties arising from work place safety citations issued by OSHA and MSHA can be costly.  Each serious violation can be fined up to $7,000, while willful violations can be assessed a penalty of up to $70,000.  If there is a willful violation that results in a death, a company can be assessed a penalty up to $500,000 plus jail time. When OSHA or MSHA show up to perform an inspection, do you know how to handle the inspection and what follows?

Our firm handles OSHA and MSHA inspections and investigations from the initial inspection through the appeals process.   We can help you respond to the citation, help you minimize your exposure to possible citations and then attempt to reduce any assessed penalty.  OSHA inspections are not just limited to industrial plants and construction sites, but are happening in retail stores and other businesses.  Call us when OSHA or MSHA shows up for an inspection or gives you notice of an investigation. 



2014 Rank

# of Violations

                                                                             Subject Matter of Violation

1 7,516 Fall Protection - General Requirements
2 6,148 Hazard Communication
3 4,968 Scaffolding
4 3,843 Respiratory Protection
5 3,147 Powered Industrial Trucks
6 3,117 Lockout/Tagout
7 2,967 Ladders
8 2,907 Electrical - Wiring Methods
9 2,520 Machine Guarding
10 2,427 Electrical - General Requirements