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Construction Litigation

ConstructionlitigationThroughout our firm''s history, we have represented many different entities in residential and commercial construction matters. On theresidential side, we have represented custom home builders, national builders, and contractors of all types. Residential construction in Texas is one of the few industries that have special protections and regulations provided by Texas law.  For a recent discussion on the current state of Texas law with respect to Residential Cosntruction please see our Fall 2013 edition of the Texas Legal Liability Advisor.

There are no special legal protections afforded commercial construction projects, and claims relating to construction defects, or even personal injuries arising of such projects, are common. We have provided legal representation in all aspects of commercial construction, including liability defense, mold remediation, contract disputes and interpretation, and indemnity issues. Whether you are an owner, general contractor, sub-contractor, engineer, or design professional, we can provide you with a strong cost effective defense targeted at resolving the pivotal issues in your case.