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About Funderburk Funderburk Courtois, LLP

Funderburk Funderburk Courtois, LLP is a civil litigation law firm. Our experienced trial attorneys emphasize quality, cost effective, goal oriented litigation services. This has been our trademark in state and federal courts throughout Texas since the formation of our firm in 1976. The present firm is a successor to one founded by Weldon Funderburk in 1955.  From 1976 to 2011, the firm operated under the name of Funderburk & Funderbk, LLP, and in 2012 the firm name changed to Funderburk Funderburk Courtois, LLP.  Throughout the years, our firm has developed a long-standing reputation for excellence in litigation matters on behalf of individuals and businesses. We have had success in federal and state courts, from trial through the appellate process, in administrative forums, and in arbitrations. We also have the resources, facilities, and proven experience to handle mass tort and class action matters. The firm is rated AV by Martindale Hubbell and is recognized for high professional legal standards and ethics by the Martindale Hubbell Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers. 

Located in Houston, Texas, we represent clients in all Houston area courts, the counties of south Texas, and in other areas of the state. Our litigation attorneys have strong advocacy skills, and extensive litigation experience in performing the standard duties of a trial attorney, including initial factual investigations, drafting pleadings, counseling witnesses, conducting hearings and depositions, and representing clients at trial. Our experience shows us that the effective performance of these tasks is critical to a successful outcome in litigation matters, for these form the basis upon which claims and defenses are established or defeated. Successful results in litigated matters are often determined by which party’s attorney identifies and exploits the strategic weakness of the other party’s case. Early identification of these strategic points is also crucial to a cost effective presentation of the case. Because of our experience, we can provide our clients with initial case evaluation, goal determination, strategic planning, and strong advocacy skills. Our attorneys work closely with clients to determine litigation goals, strategies, and budgets. After initial client consultation, when the direction of the case is determined, our goal is simple: to achieve the client’s targeted legal result as effectively and efficiently as possible.


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